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Bosch 044 Fuel pump



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Bosch 0 580 254 044 fuel pump

Bosch has stopped manufacturing these. We probably have one of the last stocks in the world of these classic high-performance fuel pumps from Bosch.

This fuel pump has been replaced by the new Bosch -200 fuel pump that you can find on our website.

(Bosch original, no copy)

Flow at 13,5V
260 L/H @ 3 bar
220 L/H @ 4 bar
200 L/H @ 5 bar

Ranks 700hp on gasoline and 500hp on E85.
Inlet female: M18 x 1.5
Outlet female: M10 x 1.0 (check valve). M12 x 1,5 (without check valve)
Diameter: 60mm
Voltage 12V

Can be used for both inside and outside tank installation.

The original check valve should be removed when using the pump on high horesepower applications because of restriction. Use a SPD full flow check valve instead.

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Jonathan• 2021-04-14

Linus• 2021-04-15

Jag använder två av dessa ihop med SPD backventiler då jag kör dem i steg där den andra pumpen kopplas på vid mer effekt.

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