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 CNC71 - Tool shop - Metal processing

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What CNC71 does


CNC machining

An important area of ​​our company's services is CNC machining, i.e. Computerized Numerical Control. CNC is machining where computer-controlled machines are used. We process various types of materials, including metals and plastics. In the offer of the company CNC71 you will find



In the milling process, the tool performs a rotary motion , a feed motion, depending on the case, it can be performed by both the tool and the workpiece. This type of processing enables the production of all types of channels and grooves


Another machining method is turning, which enables the external and internal surfaces of revolving solids to be processed. Specialized lathes are used in the turning process


Grinding is the final stage of processing, during which the surface of the processed material is smoothed, the edges are also evened, thanks to which the element acquires an aesthetic shape


Who CNC71 is


CNC71 products

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