Speeding - Europes motorsport warehouse

without VAT/Customs duty may apply

When you order from us, you must be over 18 years of age or have a parent's approval. Images can sometimes be sample images and not have the right proportions, other minor differences may also occur in images and reality as some suppliers may make small changes during production. Orders placed in someone else's name without their consent will be reported to the police.

Questions are sent to info@speeding.nu

All prices include VAT 17-27% (Correct VAT amount for all countries inside EU) The checkout will adjust to the correct VAT amount depending on the country the goods must be sent to. (the Inside EU market)

VAT is not included if you are on the United kingdom market or Outside EU.
We are not responsible for any writing errors on prices or product information.

Delivery terms and delivery methods
Warehouse goods in stock are treated the same day or at the latest the following day and are shipped by UPS, Fedex, DHL or DPD group depending on destination and your choice in checkout. This usually takes 1-7 days. Certain goods are built upon ordering and these products will have longer delivery times than stocked goods.
All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Sweden

Transport damage
Check immediately upon receipt of delivery that no items are missing or damaged. Should this be the case, make a notification by email, no later than one week after you have retrieved the package. Damage that has occurred during transport is reported directly to the agent / shipping company who has handed out the goods.

Incorrect deliveries
We want you to notify us as soon as possible if we have accidentally delivered the wrong product or the wrong number of goods so that we can correct the error. This is most easily done by emailing info@speeding.nu

Cancel order
If the package has not already been sent and you have not ordered custom parts, it is possible to cancel the order. After an order is placed, it is the buyer's responsibility to get in touch with the sender (Speeding) and cancel the order before it is sent. If the sender sends an order before the customer comes into contact with the sender, the responsibility lies with the recipient.

Unsolved packages
If you do not redeem your package, we will have to charge you for shipping cost and return shipping cost and also an administrative fee of £20

Guarantees / Complaints
We apply a 12-month warranty on our products. There is no guarantee on competition and tuning products. Any damage caused by the use or installation of our products is not responsible for or compensated with warranty. Always save the receipt as these must always be shown for the guarantee to apply.

All responsibility lies with the installer of the products, it is also the installer who makes the assessment as to whether any product should be installed and how it should be installed. We have no way of checking that the information about technical data or information is in any case correct as stated by suppliers. Therefore, it is up to the installer to check that everything is okay before it is assembled and used to avoid problems or damage to the vehicle, engine, etc.

Return Policy
If you shop from a country that is part of the EU (European Union), we apply to private individuals (not companies) the right of withdrawal within 14 calendar days on normal stock items. We do not apply a right of withdrawal on ordered goods or goods that are manufactured specifically for customers. In the event of a canceled purchase, you as a customer pay both shipping and return shipping. Often the return shipping can be higher than the shipping you paid when the goods were sent. We calculate what this costs together and it is deducted from the value of the order. The remaining amount will be returned to you.

We do not apply a right of withdrawal after 14 days.

When goods are sent outside the EU (European Union), we do not apply a right of withdrawal. The United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU due to Brexit. In some cases, exceptions can be made. Then you as a customer pay both shipping and return shipping. Keep in mind that return shipping may be higher than the shipping you paid to receive the goods. This is compiled and deducted from the order value. You get the rest back.

All returns must be approved by our customer service. When this is approved, you will receive return shipping labels. All returns must have a completed return form that is sent together with the return shipping label so that our warehouse can handle your return when it arrives.

Items returned must not have opened / broken packaging. All products must be complete with original packaging.
All goods are sent from our premises in Sweden and all goods upon return must be sent back to our premises in Sweden.

Area of ​​use
Some of our products are intended for competition and lack approval for public transport. We disclose all forms of damage that may occur on vehicles, persons or others in connection with assembly or use, as well as any negative impact on vehicle safety, driving characteristics or warranty coverage. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask us before you order.

In the event of war, natural disaster, labor market disputes, government decisions, missing deliveries from subcontractors, extinct circumstances, and a comparable event beyond our control, which could not reasonably be foreseen, affecting entered agreements and assertions on our part, which means that we do not may hold that agreement / commitment, shall constitute grounds for our release from our obligations to fulfill the said agreement.