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Toyota 2JZ Bottom end

Speeding has collected engine parts to build the Toyota 2JZ bottom end. In addition to engine parts such as pistons, connecting rods, timing belts, gaskets, etc. you will also get tips on what other parts you can use for your build. Not least, you will get a good idea of ​​what is available and you can easily compare the parts with each other. You get additional information by clicking on each individual product.

2JZ standard engine specification
Engine code
Bore: 86,00mm
Cylinder volume: 2997cc
Stroke: 86,00mm
Valves: 24
Block height: 219,00mm
Comp. ratio: 8,5:1
CC head: 45,00cc
Head gasket: 1,42mm
Rod length: 142,00mm

2JZ Forged pistons

Usually you stick around the standard compression ratio is 8.5: 1 (8.0: 1 - 9.7: 1). Lower comp on the pistons does not have to mean a lower compression ratio in the end. Macined cylinder head and thinner cylinder head gasket quickly compensate for this. The same applies in the other direction. If fuel is used with higher octane or ethanol, a higher compression ratio is allowed and thus also a stronger engine. With the help of all the different pistons that are offered, you can combine a package that is best suited for the purpose.
NOTE Always choose the first oversize pistons if you have not received okay from the engine builder that the block is in perfect condition so that the original bore can be used.

Piston ring gap Guide

2JZ Connecting rods

2JZ Crankshafts are 142mm long original and this is also usually the given length in the aftermarket. With standard 86mm stroke, 142mm connecting rod and 34mm compression height on the pistons, you usually end up with 8.0: 1 - 9.7: 1 compression ratio, which takes you well over 1000hp if you want. I-beam connecting rods are recommended as they can handle higher horespower.

 Connecting rod tightening torque

2JZ Main bearings

In the case of engine upgrades, Main bearings are usually replaced with alternatives from the aftermarket. Main bearings and other bearings are negatively affected by too high oil temperature. This can quickly increas with high power outputs and poor cooling. Keep an eye on the engine temperature!

Engine bearing installation Guide
Bearing clearance information

2JZ Rod bearings

In the case of engine upgrades, rod bearings are also usually replaced with alternatives from the aftermarket. These are available with standard bearing clearance but also with "HX" or "STDX" at the end of the part number which means more bearing clearance - a thicker oil film. If the oil pressure is within the "approved" range and a larger bearing clearance is used, this usually requires an oil pump that has a higher flow so that you do not lose oil pressure. High revs with too little bearing clearance can create too high oil pressure with other problems. Rod bearings, that sit further out on the crankshaft are affected both by oil temperature but they are also more dependent on oil pressure and therefore correct bearing clearance is important!

Engine bearing installation Guide
Bearing clearance information

2JZ Crankshaft

The standard crankshaft can handle really high power outputs, but a change may be relevant for other reasons. For example, if you want to stroke the engine by changing the stroke.

2JZ Main bearing caps

The billet main bearing caps is necessary for 2JZ racing engines or engines with high power outputs. Most street cars with high power outlets use these caps. With the increased power that 2JZ engines usually have leads to cracks and other problems with the main caps. OEM main caps are not designed for the power that occur when doubling or even tripling the power. These caps work with both the 2JZ-GTE engine available in the Supra turbo and the 2JZ-GE engine available in N / A models. Keep in mind that the block must be line honed with these billet main bearing caps (this applies regardless of which caps you use that have not been in the engine before) We recommend that you use brand new ARP bolts and bearings when installing these caps.

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2JZ Cylinder head bolts

When it comes to cylinder head bolts, ARP has the market. Clearly. Everyone wants to tighten the bottom end and the cylinder head with ARP bolts. In short, 11mm ARP2000 bolts up to about 1000hp. Over 1000hp to about 1500hp, you tighten the cylinder head with 11mm Custom Age 625+ bolts. After that you make new holes and use 12mm Custom age 625+. Of course you can use Custom Age or 12mm already with less power but it is then not necessary. But of course it also depends entirely on how youwill use the car.

2JZ Main bolts

Can the main bearing bolts be the simplest of all? At least when buying them. Then you use ARP2000. If you have 1000+ HP, you use these together with Billet main bearing caps. DONE!. Just keep an eye on the tightening torque and you will be good.

2JZ Cylinder head gasket

The Standard cylinder head gasket is 1.42mm. At high power outlets, the pressure in the combustion chamber is also higher. This often means that the original cylinder head gasket cannot withstand the power produced. Therefore, this will be replaced by an upgraded aftermarket gasket. Toyota 2JZ original cylinder head gasket should be able to handle about 800hp, but usually the aftermarket gaskets is easier to get hold of.

2JZ Gaskets

Regardless of whether an engine is original or tuned, most gaskets are used without any kind of upgrade. It is the cylinder head gasket that is the exception.

2JZ Timing belt

The timing belt is another important part of an engine construction. Before, racing timing belts were used, but now nwe material is used in OEM timing belts that are even stronger than the previous racing timing belts. So the best tip here is to buy a timing belt from a famous brand like Gates or similar. It is also important that tensioners and guides are of good brand / quality.

2JZ Drive belt

2JZ has few problems overall but one problem is that the multibelt comes of when revving. This is easily solved with a new bracket for the belt tensioner / servo. Also make sure that the multi belt / drive belt is of good quality so that it does not jump and get stuck in the timing belt.

2JZ Oil pump

Standard oil pump or upgraded? Regardless, make sure that the oil pump is in good condition. If not, other engine components may also be damaged. If you are using an OEM oil pump, check this carefully or buy a new one if you are unsure of the condition. Will you use an upgraded oil pump with a higher flow, there are alternatives. This usually happens when you use more bearing clearance than standard.

2JZ Water pump

Water cooling also affect the cooling of engine oil. Make sure you have a well functioning cooling system and the oil temperature will also stay cool.