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Uniballs / Rod ends


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Uniballs, Uniball, Rod ends, Heim Joint, Spherical bearing

Is there a difference between the names Uniballs, Rod ends, Heim Joint
No, it's just different names for the same thing.

Which accessories fit?
Adjusting rods, spacers, adapters, welding ends, and pipes are accessories that fit uniballs. The accessories are linked to each product.

What does the NGC brand mean?
NGC are the components of a trade category with uniballs aimed at the automotive world. The NGC brand stands for reasonable prices with high quality.

What inch thread is used for uniballs and accessories?
UNF thread is used for rod ends and accessories in inches.

What size is the hole in the ball?
Unless otherwise specified, the hole in the ball is the same size as the thread on the rod end.

How much power can NGC uniballs handle?
The weakest link in a proper installation is the bolt that goes through the rod end ball. Therefore, the question should be how much force the bolt can handle. The builder must dimension the construction around this bolt, not the uniball / Rod end.

Why has the uniball broken?
The link head is designed to withstand high radial forces/impacts where the bolt is the weak link. However, axial force on link heads has easily broken them as they are intended for something other than this.

Why is the uniball bearing worn?
NGC uniballs have a fat "self-lubricating" plastic bearing that requires very little maintenance. If, on the other hand, it is exposed to dust and gravel, it must be protected with a dust cover so that it does not dry out, which causes mechanical wear with play as a result.