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Engine mount Volvo 7/900 - B23/230

Andersson Steel Speed

Standard angle

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Article no.: AS-001003-01

Engine mount Volvo 7/900 - B23/230

Top quality, rigid engine mounts to fit a Volvo B23 / B230 engine in your Volvo 700 / 900 series with standard engine angle.

These Engine mounts fit perfectly and can handle all the power you possibly can produce. Engine swap cannot be more straight forward than this.


Straight forward kit with standard engine placement. No more words needed.

A set of engine mounts include:

  • Zinc iron chromated and black-passivated 5mm High strength steel brackets
    These brackets withstand both corrosive environments and look good over time.
  • Rigid bushings made from the most suitable material
    Bushing material is a perfect mix where vibrations is reduced as much as it could but at the same time be able to handle massive power outputs.
  • All bolts and nuts needed for proper installation
    The included bolts have the same quality as rest of the parts and leaves nothing to chance


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