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OBP Floor mounted pedal box 3 pedals 2x master cylinders (Cable Clutch)

OBP optimum balance products

Ratio: 5.1

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Article no.: OBP-KC011

Kit Car Floor Mounted 3 Pedal System (Cable Clutch)

The Victory+ Kit Car Pedal System. A compact system suited for most Kit Cars.

The Kit Car Pedal System is specifically designed to work in most space frame chassis Kit Cars with a Bulk Head. This system comes with a 25mmx25mm cut out in the rear of the cradle to fit over the bottom rail in the drivers foot well.

Supplied with Nylock Nuts for the Bias Bar assembly to meet IVA Regulations.

When coming to fit your clutch cable you may need to drill your own holes, it would be impossible for us to cater for every cable out there due to the differences in sizes so we leave this for the customer.

Mild Steel Pedals & Cradle Construction coated in a black textured finish
Folded and Reinforced Pedals
Ergonomic Design
245mm Wide
Textured Grip Pads on Brake and Clutch
Oil-impregnated bronze bearing at pedal pivots
Conforms to IVA Regulations
2 years warranty
UK Manufactured
Includes 2pcs obp Motorsport Master Cylinders (.625 & .7 ) & a Bias Bar

Product Information:

Fitment: Bulkhead Fit
Pedal Ratio: 5.1
Weight: 3.2kg

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