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Mitsubishi TD04 19T #7 angled turbine housing

Mitsubishi Turbochargers

With #7 angled turbine house

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Article no.: TD04-19T

Brand new Mitsubishi TD04HL-19T turbo with 7ans angled exhaust housing. Suitable for effects up to about 350hp.

This is an aftermarket turbo of very high quality. We have also upgraded the axial bearing on this turbo to counteract problems with it starting to move at higher temperatures that Mitsubishi has had problems with in the past.

It's Mitsubishi original bearings in this turbo.

VSR balanced turbo up to 100,000 rpm which guarantees the highest operational reliability, which is unique for this aftermarket turbo.

Delivered complete with wastegate and blow of valve.

Basic charge pressure of 0.58 bar.

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Karl-Magnus• 2021-01-30

There is nothing more to say about the product than it is original. Mitsubishi box. Fits perfectly, looks good, works!
Thanks for great customer support, the fast shipping and the good price!

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