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Clutch kit Mercedes 240mm 800nm


OM603, OM606, M104, M113

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Mercedes flywheel 240mm 800nm

Mercedes clutch kit from Tenaci with integrated starter ring and interchangeable back plate.
Sachs 765 240mm pressure plate bolts right on the backplate an can handle 800nm.
Suitable clutch kit for tuned street cars, drifting , track racing or drag racing.

Flywheel and backplate are made of steel and the flywheel has an integrated starter ring. The backplate is bolted to the flywheel. The clutch is then bolted onto the backplate.

The backplate can be purchased separately.

The flywheel consists of four parts:
# Flywheel
# Backplate 
# Sachs 765 pressure plate
# Clutch disc (Choose typ in drop down menu)

The flywheel fit the following engines
# OM603
# OM606
# M104
# M113

Backplate fit Tenaci, Sachs, Quarter Master, Tilton etc in the following size:
# 184mm clutch
# 200mm clutch
# 240mm clutch
(240mm backplate fit Sachs 618,707, 765 and Tenaci 240mm pressure plates)

Weight of flywheel and backplate is ~10,9kg

1. The flywheel has an starter ring and a trigger for crank signal.
2. Release bearing is sold separately


Tenaci Clutches

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