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AEM Wideband sensor and gauge


51mm diameter (2")

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Article no.: SPD30-4110

Wideband AFR Gauge


AEM's Inline Wideband UEGO controller gives all the benefits of the AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge to those who do not require or want an additional gauge in the car. Perfect for datalogging, engine management systems or racing applications where a gauge is not desired. Simple wiring makes installation easy. The controller is weatherproof and can be mounted anywhere in or outside the vehicle.

The AEM Inline Wideband UEGO is a must for users of engine management systems and data loggers who do not require a gauge to monitor air/fuel ratio. When tuning an engine, accurate Air/Fuel Ratio data is critical. Running rich can cause a loss in power, while running too lean may result in serious engine damage. The Inline UEGO can be easily tied in to almost any engine management system to be used for O2 feedback. The Bosch 4.2LSU sensor, which gives the controller its speed and accuracy, is laboratory calibrated at the factory and never requires free air calibration.


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AEM is a world famous brand and need no further presentation. Speeding have a selected range of AEM products in stock for instant distribution.

Air filters - Lambda gauge - Fuel pump - Ignition coils

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