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AEM Wideband sensor and gauge


51mm diameter (2")

I lager

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Article no.: SPD30-4110

AEM Wideband sensor and gauge

The AEM wide band lambda is the most popular guage on the market. Maybe because it is so easy to install and use? Quality and function are the two biggest advantages of this guage.

Technical information:

  • 0-5V output for eg aftermarket ECU
  • Complete with probe, wiring and lambda nut
  • 6 in 1 gauge - 3 dials and two different gauge rings included to make it all match your interior.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.7%
  • Consumption: 1.3 A
  • Measurement range: 0.751 -> 1.143 Lambda 10.0:1 -> 18.5:1 AFR
  • Sensor: Bosch LSU4.9
  • The guge is delivered with sensor and wiring - you don't have to connect to a computer or ECU.
  • If you want to log the values via ECU or or computer, this is possible.


  • Analog 0-5V
  • Serial output for connection to eg com-port for data logging.
  • Length of sensor and cable: 60cm
  • Extension cable length: 3.6 meters

ATTENTION! Be sure to read the manual before installation!

AEM bredbandslambda


  • The probe must be mounted at least 18" (45cm) from the turbo
  • The probe must be mounted above horizontal position.
  • The probe must not be installed without voltage supply from the gauge

Installation of the lambda probe in the exhaust system:

Montering av bredbandslambda

If the display shows three lines, it means that the lambda sensor presents values outside the display value. Then mount the lambda sensor in the exhaust gas flow if this has not already been done. Step two is to replace and test with another lambda sensor to get a value.

Information that applies to all lambda probes regardless of brand and especially broadband lambda:

  • The sensor contains a "ceramic" part and is therefore sensitive to shocks and extreme fluctuations in temperature
  • The sensor is not made to be used with leaded fuels. It works but will have a shorter lifespan
  • using rich fuel mixture shortens the life of the sensor (Lambda < 0.95)
  • Exhaust gas temperatures above 850 degrees shorten the sensor's lifetime
  • High engine oil consumption shortens the life of the sensor (1 liter / 160 kilometers)
  • With the lambda probe installed in the exhaust system. -Do not start the engine without applying voltage to the meter and connecting the lambda sensor to the gauge

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