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S60R/V70R rear - Volvo 2/7/940 Brake caliper adapter

Andersson Steel Speed

For S60R/V70R rear brakes

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Article no.: AS-009005-02

S60R/V70R - Volvo 2/7/940 Rear brake caliper adapter

Top quality, rigid brake caliper adapter to fit Volvo S60R / V70R rear brake calipers on your Volvo 200 / 700 and 900 chassis

These brake caliper adapters fit perfectly and makes a great brake power upgrade. Brake upgrades cannot be more straight forward than this.

Fits the following brake calipers:
Volvo S60R (rear calipers)
Volvo V70R (rear calipers)

Fits the following brake discs:
Volvo S60R (rear brake discs)
Volvo V70R (rear brake discs)

Fits the Following cars:
Volvo 200 series
Volvo 700 series
Volvo 900 series

Rim size:
Standard rim size with these brakes is 18”. Depending on rim design the needed size can vary both up and down.

Included hardware:
Brake caliper adapters
All necessary bolts

10mm S355MCD.
12.9 bolt quality

To be able to use the original handbrake, you can supplement with these handbrake shoes AS-009005-05.


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Joakim• 2021-04-07

Goa adaptrar för att få på R-ok på 940in. Smidig lösning!

Anders• 2021-04-19

Perfekt lösning!

Jimmie• 2021-04-27

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