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Original or aftermarket? Regardless, this is not a hot topic in the aftermarket. The fuel should go from the pump into the fuel tank. Easy. Right? 



Tank lid

Original tank cap and hose / pipe are most often used when you have an original fuel tank or do not want to affect the external appearance.
Original tank cap and hose / pipe can also be used together with an aftermarket fuel tank (Fuel cell) where you then adapt the last piece of hose that connects to the fuel tank.

Aftermarket tank caps are often used for major conversions when it is not possible to use original tank caps for various reasons.


Fuel fillter hose

The hose between the tank cap and the fuel tank is usually not as flexible even if it has a cast in steel spiral. The hose can handle fuel over time without drying out and cracking. Other hoses such as silicone hose and reinforced fuel hose dry out and start to leak. Therefore, we use classified refueling hose that meets the requirements of SAE 30R5.

The hose can handle Petrol, Diesel, Ethanol and Methanol


Monting accessories

Almost exclusively, hose clamps are used to assemble the hose and pipes between the tank cap and the fuel tank. This applies to both original assembly and aftermarket.