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Notes pistons


1 - Most wiseco pistons have offset pins. Pins must be offset same as OEM for quietest operation.
2 - Due to a compression height that may protrude above the deck, it is recommended that a 1,00mm tick head gasket is used.
4 - Utilizes extra deep valve pockets to expand the range of I-Vtec/Vanos with big/high lift cams and milled heads
6 - These pistons have an oil ring groove that is lower than OE. Will not work with sleeves with access hole if the oil ring is not pinned in place
A - Rings need file fitment to the bore
B - Washers included
C - Stroker kit for B25 stroker crank
D - Weight reduction possible
E - With valve pockets unlike K557M series
F - FSR series (Forged side releaf)
G - Only with 2,5 Ltr conrods
H - Based on Volvo rod 23mm Ford OEM 21mm
I - Tuff skirt Coating JE Pistons
J - Mini Tritec engine
K - Compression ratio depends on cylinder head used
L - Pin 20mm - OEM 20,65mm (3/16)
M - Made to order (4pcs minimum)
N - Aluminum cylinders like Alusil, Lokasil, Silitec, DiASil, Mercosil, ALBOND, FRM, MMC, recommended to run sleeved bores / must sleeve block or Nicasil
O - VR6 cylinder sets from stock can be used
P - Piston guided rod required
Q - Oil squirter modification or removal required or use adequate spacers, please make sure to check rod to oil squirter clearance when relocating oil squirter
R - Full round skirt with or without full milled side relief
S - Asymmetrical FSR series
T - Accepts Turbo and Nitrous
U - Head is the other way around on the Eclipse vs the later EVO's
V - Accepts Nitrous and E8
W - C/R calculated with OE head gasket
X - C/R calculated with 1,00mm head gasket
Y - 3D Undercrown milling included
Z - Alusil suited
PS - Perfect skirt coating JE Pistons
UL - Ultra series (Lateral Gas Ports, Accumulator Grooves, Skirt Coating, Ceramic Crown Coating, Upgraded Pins)